Post, like, share, leaving a comment; not thinking if these are all relevant for a society or even just for our own self. We tend to click without knowing the possible outcome. Yes, we just wanted to express or either impress but sometimes we tend to put others name on vain; unintentionally degrading our own self. We always post those significant events in our life, without making sure if it’s really significant or just a plain stupidity.


              Making your social media accounts as your diary; shouting those stupid little things in detailed on what happened to you in every seconds, seriously it’s annoying. If you will be advised by your friends that left some privacy to yourself you will simply say, “The hell you care! It’s my account!”. Yes, it’s your account but have you ever wondered that even your close friends got annoyed, how much more those friends of yours who are at distant?

Posting your almost naked body in facebook for instance thinking that it will change your image or somewhat makes you popular. Yes it will change your friends and other people perceptions as they think that you can show more private parts. You can’t blame them if they are disgusting you in their imagination for you’re the one who gave them an idea that you can show more to please or satisfy them.

Let’s all remember that every simple click we made matters. We should asses first those things we want to post for it will tell more about our personality. Build the nation and a society by building yourself; you can do these things right by building your character in whatever possible way and I can say that social media is a great avenue for these edifices. Social media have an interaction with every individual in our society. We can observe how each of us was growing and reacting in a positive way as we try to correct those negative habits we had.



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